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By today’s weather of contemporary medication, marijuana medical cannabis card includes a massive standing damaging connotation which include the majority of the the overwhelming majority of caregivers. A great deal of individuals may benefit from medical marijuana. Although medical marijuana in California has become more accessible, patients are sure to follow together with legal dispositions as a means to have the capability to buy and utilize medical marijuana.

ANA Flora Pvt Ltd is into cultivation of fresh Roses under Polyhouse conditions for Domestic and Foreign markets. The Farm is located in Kodiyalam village on Sarjapur Bagalur Road which is about 35 kilometres from Bangalore city. It has in-house post harvest facilities like Pre-cooling, Cold storage and Grading facilities. Its part of Ahmed Family group (ANA) who own and manage largest floriculture area under Greenhouse cultivation in the Country.



Motto – Quality Roses

We are committed to producing and delivering quality roses and maintaining a relationship defined by consistency, openness and cooperation with all needs of our clients.

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